When you (student/parent) decide not to continue with classes purchased on
(, we will refund the fee paid for the unused classes. This
refund can only be obtained by submitting a request and providing certain details.
What is the refund request process?
We just need an email from you.
Please send your refund request to our support team. You may be contacted for
feedback and/or to verify information that may be required to process the refund.
How much will you receive as a refund?
The fee paid for the unused classes will be refunded.
Refunds will be calculated pro-rata (i.e., based on the total number of classes
completed in a course versus the total number of classes purchased in a course).
Discounts offered at the time of purchase of the course will not be factored into refunds.
When will the refund be processed?
It may take up to 10 working days for the funds to appear in your bank account after we
have processed your refund request. You will receive the amount back in your source
account or wallet, according to guidelines.